Things We Must Get Straight (1st of 3)

  1. The Bible is the Word of God: I have read and thought a great deal about this proposition. The Bible has been under continual attack from time immemorial but I have been surprised by what the most recent attacks which are aimed at Jesus’s resurrection. If they can dilute the Resurrection they can diminish Jesus.Consider the following about the Bible
    1. This 3000-year-old document and our continuing finds of ancient copies match with surprising accuracy. This sustained integrity is not found in any other piece of literature.
    2. This document’s revered place among nations over history.
    3. Ruler after despot have tried to destroy the bible but has failed.
    4. Archeology continues to entertain itself but has proved nothing refuting the Bible.
    5. Creation: Here is a comment my associate Lance Gowen sent me.“Creation has been completely laughed at until the past 20 years, astronomers are now united in accepting what they call the big bang theory. This is the idea that the universe as we know it went from an infinitesimally small particle to close to what we have now in an instant in time. They have no explanation of where the initial particle came from, or how the process could occur instantaneously. They do not call it a miracle or invoke deity. They also acknowledge that, even with their dating of the age of the earth, ~ 4 billion years that it is impossible for molecules to man evolution to have occurred. They have no explanation for what is that makes sense. “

After much study my conclusion: The book is from and about God. We can trust it and build our life on it.

Let me note that however I argue this proposition of the “Word of God”, your ultimate conclusion is by faith. Your commitment to the validity of the Bible will never be proved or disproved by science. This is also true in reverse for the skeptic.

Note: It is an inherently illogical position to not believe that the bible is the Word of God and yet profess to be a Christian.

The theologian, Ironside said in his writing on Isaiah, “When God is dethroned anarchy always results”. To debase the Bible is to dethrone God. His observation is very true for government and our personal lives.

This is from my associate John Hartshorn, “The verses that came to my mind in thinking on this question were Psalm 119:160 “The sum of Your word is truth” (NASB) and Acts 20:27 “for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God” (ESV, NKJV & RSV)”.


  1. Do you have your own apologetic on why you believe the Bible is infallible and from God? If you don’t, get one and if you do try it on your family.
  2. Can you defend yourself when challenged on the authority of the Bible?


God has a purpose for your life.

God created you with a purpose and a reason for living at this time, i.e. Esther, Esther 4:14. It is not hard to discover your universal purpose from God, i.e. all are called to evangelize and edify but it is more difficult to determine your specific purpose which is defined by gifting, family background, location…etc.

Note: God is not in the business of creation of great countries (other than Israel) or businesses or sports teams. etc. He is in the People Business. Your purpose must be focused on people if you are walking with God.

In the parable of the minas we see that all are not created equal in skill and gifts. But each has equal opportunity to get their job done and be rewarded by the master. So it is with God. We need to understand our giftedness from God and apply it the best we can. God will reward you accordingly.

The following is an excerpt from the booklet “Establishing your Purpose”.

“Just as Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul understood their reason for existence, it is our task to understand our Purpose. While many people have written on how to manage life via a goal model, few have been taught that goals have little legitimacy without a foundation of Purpose. Institutions and scriptures teach that purpose precedes planning and goals.
The Bible reminds us that consideration must be given to providence. Providence trumps planning. Providence ultimately determines our achievement in life. So the major thing we can hope for is that we are headed in the right path. God determines the outcome.”

As a young man I let my employer determine my purpose. God should determine your purpose and your employment should be shaped by your God given purpose.


  1. Do you know the purpose God would have for your life?
  2. Do the members of your family see your purpose from the way you live your life

Mission statement of this blog

These blogs are to stimulate your biblical thinking to become Issachar’s of our time.

1 Chr 12:32 and from the sons of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…

These blogs are an attempt to articulate key biblical issues of our day so that we can

  1. Learn and understand the propositions of the Bible concerning our life
  2. We can apply the truth in our life in the sanctification process
  3. Contend/defend against heresy or apostasy.
  4. We can draw closer to God

We now have a Web site for the blog. Thanks to Mr. Matt MacMillan we are now modern era. Here are some facts on the site

  1. The address is
  2. No password is required
  3. You may print any document.
  4. If you want to correct one, you must first pass it past me.

I hope these bless you….Gayle

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