Honoring Your Parents

A problem most all of will face is our aging Parents. When this occurred to me that my parents were older and the roles were reversing, I ask, what does it mean to honor my parents? The era of aging parent disrupted my family life and created a major struggle in my life.

Mat 15:4a For God commanded, saying, “Honor your father and mother”;

To totally explore this topic is an extensive, long study. There is a book Honoring Your Parents at Amazon or MIM Books for further study.

To get started on this topic, first let me note the word honor here means to “ascribe value to”. Irrespective of your childhood or the misbehavior of your parents, you are to ascribe value to them. In some cases, I have seen from some dysfunctional families that about all that is left for them to “ascribe value to” is that the parents were chosen by God.

We are called and commanded to respond in accordance to our observation of them.

The accuracy to the application performed in trying to honor the parent is secondary to the attitude that “they are of value”.

No matter what your plan is you will probably meet resistance in your siblings, society, your church and your parents.

Remember you will answer to God on your thinking and plan.

Questions on your study and thinking on Honoring Your Parents are:

  1. Do I have any area where I need to forgive or be forgiven by my parents?
  2. Do I have any area where I need to forgive and be forgiven by my siblings?
  3. How does my thinking on Mom and Dad mesh with my siblings?
  4. Have I ever discussed my parents’ wants as they get older with both my parents and my siblings?
  5. How financially stable are my parents?
  6. How physically stable are my parents?
  7. How did Jesus show honor to His Mom?
  8. The next step for me is?

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